E Tronic Edge Running Belts : Best Comfortable Running Belts That Fit All Phone Models and Fit All Waist Sizes. for Running, Workouts, Cycling, Travelling Money Belt & More. Comes in 5 Stylish Colors


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sport fit running belt

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Keep Everything within Reach

When you’re out and about, it’s a hassle trying to keep everything organized and at hand. Our waist pack has pockets for your phone, keys, cards, and gum. You can even enjoy some tunes during your routine with our headphone hole. If you want, our belt is slim enough to fit underneath a shirt. This comes in handy when you want to keep your valuables hidden from prying eyes.

Our universal fit accommodates the largest phone models, and our adjustable strap with stretch material adjusts to fit almost every waist size.

  • Universal smartphone fit
  • Headphone hole
  • Hides easily under shirt
  • No bouncing, no chafing

travel light bag

on the run in comfort

stay pumped fitness gear

The Ultimate Money Belt

Our waist pack is perfect for travel because it gives you the ability to keep your valuables close at all times. Unlike other travel wallets which are bulky or uncomfortable, ours is breathable and slim, and can stay out of sight under clothing. It will easily fit your passport, wallet, and keys so you can be free to experience your vacation knowing you are protected.

Never Run Out of Steam

With the Sport-Fit waist pack, you can keep all of your gear close to your body. Running shorts never seem to have enough pockets (if any), so we’ll give you your own! You can store your ID, nutrition, and music right where you need it, so you’ll be equipped to run further and faster. Remember to keep your enemies close, and your gels closer.

Work Out Hands Free

When you’re in the gym, you want to be focused. Instead of setting your phone on the floor or perching it on a machine, keep it safe in our waist band. You can even store a notepad to keep track of your workout plan (if you’re old-school like that). Best of all, you can use the headphone hole to listen to your favorite playlist!

adjustable lightweight stretch fit

The E-Tronic Running Belt is designed to keep your accessories safe and secure no matter what comes your way.

Are you tired of not having pockets that will fit your phone? Have you ever worried about getting your phone wet or scratched during physical activity? Have you ever wanted to be more visible while exercising at night? Our belt can solve all these problems.

Here’s How We Keep you Ready to Run:

  • Water resistant phone pouch
  • Reflective strip for visibility
  • No-bounce fit
  • Adjustable buckle ad strap

With our waistband, you won’t have to pull this belt over your head and squeeze into it to put it on. Our’s is easy, just clip the adjustable buckle around your waist and you’re ready to go!

Use for More Than Just Running and Exercising

around the house comfortably

walking the dogs

travel & leisure

Get Your Work Done Comfortably

Getting chores done around the house is a fact of life. Often you’ll be moving from room to room to get things done, but you don’t always have pockets available for your phone. No worries! Use the Sport-Fit waist pack to hold your phone, listen to tunes, or even sneak some snacks while you do your thing.

Carry All You Need for a Walk

Walking the dogs is dirty business. Many places require you to clean up after your dog, which means that you’ll need to carry a few doggy bags each time you go out. Our waist pack is perfect for carrying a set of empty bags so you can keep a free hand on the leash.

Keep Your Crew Happy

Theme parks are always a blast, but you need to carry the essentials for a full day out. Many rides don’t allow bags, so you’re forced to use a locker, taking time out of your visit. With our waist pack, you can avoid that hassle and enjoy your visit!


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